Pollutec 2014: new ultrasonic stack Flowmeter launched

Environnement S.A, leading specialist in the development, manufacture and supply of continuous gas and particulate emission monitors, introduce the STACKFLØW 400 designed specifically to monitor releases from industrial sources complying with the European Monitoring Standard EN-16911-2.

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Paris Versailles Road Race 2014: congratulations to our team!

The 37th edition of the race Paris-Versailles ended Sunday with a victory for the 21 919 participants who took off from the Eiffel Tower in the direction of Versailles.

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20 AQMS stations for the Turkish Ministry of Environnement

We are proud to congratulate our partner Titaş A.Ş for winning a 20 AQMS stations tender with 93 Environnement S.A analyzers for the Turkish Ministry of Environment

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Environnement SA to acquire PCME Ltd.


Environnement S.A, leading European supplier of environmental monitoring equipment, and the company PCME Ltd, leading European supplier of continuous particulate monitors for industrial processes, are proud to announce the acquisition of PCME by Environnement S.A

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Russia: 2 new incinerators will use Environnement S.A pollution monitoring systems

MIR-IS is the unique AMS on CEMS market offering a multi gas accurate analysis solution (Up to 10 gases including HCl & HF + O2 as an option) integrating optionally flue gas temperature, flow and pressure measurements on a single sampling probe, means a single sampling point.

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3 new ambient pollution monitoring stations for a smelter plant

New order from NALCO India (National Aluminium Company Ltd) for the supply of 3 complete AQMS stations including SO2 / NOx / CO / PM10 / PM2.5 monitors for air pollution monitoring of a Smelter Plant located in Angul (Orissa region)

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2 new pollution monitoring laboratories for South Africa

New order from the Durban region for 2 complete AQM stations including SO2 / NOx / O3 / VOC / PM10 / PM2.5 analyzers and for 6 back-up SO2 / NOx analyzers, to complete the existing AQM network supplied by Environnement […]

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2 complete AQMS for a Petrochemical Complex

New order from EIL Gail (Engineers India Ltd) for the supply of 2 complete AQM stations including SO2 / NOx / HC / VOC / PM10 / PM2.5 monitors for air pollution monitoring of a Petrochemical Complex located in Pat (Uttar Pradesh region)

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The 1st Biomass Plant in UK will measure its emissions with an Environnements S.A CEMS

Widely known for the high quality of our continuous pollutant monitoring systems but also the local expertise of our Partner A1-CBISS, we were requested to tender for this new Biomass Plant project. Thus, Environnement S.A will provide the entire CEMS for the sampling and continuous monitoring of NH3, HCl, SO2, NO, NO2, N2O, CO, CO2, H2O and total hydrocarbons.

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Particulate and VOC monitoring systems – a full package for Hungary


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