16/05/2018 - 18/05/2018

CEM 2018 Budapest


13th International Conference and Exhibition on Emissions Monitoring is going to start on 16 May and finish on 18 May 2018.

CEM Europe is an exhibition and conference on emissions monitoring, which takes place every two years in alternating locations. Since its inaugural meeting in 1997 the CEM conferences have been held in the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Denmark, France, Switzerland, Italy, The Czech Republic, Turkey, Portugal and now Budapest. At the exhibition booths, more than 50 manufacturers and suppliers of emissions monitoring equipment demonstrate their products, technologies, methods and application areas also providing technical advice. The focus is on particulate matters, trace metals, greenhouse gases and combustion gases such as CO2, CO, SO2 and NOx. The three-day conference deals with national regulations and monitoring guidelines and treats case studies. The CEM Europe is completed by a gala party with music, entertainment, food and drinks as well as ample opportunity to discuss with industry experts, exchange ideas and establish networks.

In line with its development strategy and desire to unite its technologies, production sites & sales subsidiaries, the Environnement S.A Group has created its global commercial brand envea. It hopes to provide a clearer vision on its monitoring solutions, acquisition & processing of environmental data and services. The Group has setup a new organization focused on its three core businesses: Ambient Air, Industry & Process, and Emissions.
With the arrival of companies such as PCME Ltd (UK) – continuous particulate emission measurement systems, flue gas flow meters and devices for measuring the performance of industrial filtration systems – SWR engineering GmbH (Germany) – systems for the detection and measurement of bulk solids – TDL Ltd (UK) – high-resolution laser gas analyzers – and Mercury Instruments (Germany) – mercury analyzers – synergy within the group is materializing! Projects and skills are being combined, streamlining and accelerating the development of the most advanced analysis technologies for gas, flow and particulate measurements.
The Environnement S.A Group offers advanced monitoring equipment with full turnkey capabilities that not only delivers accurate real-time data, but also provides long term reliability operating in the harshest conditions. It is a world leading manufacturer in the field of air pollution monitoring, emission and process (gas analyzers, dust monitors, solids and flue gas flow meters…) completed by environmental DAHS, processing & reporting software.


Products on Display at CEM
LAS 300 XD tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy TDLAS range of analyzers, ideal for selective measurement of gas components such as NH3, HCl, HF, high and low CO or even O2, especially when conditions are too rough for standard O2 Zirconia In-Situ analyzers.
PCME range of particulate monitors, such as the QAL 260 / 360, a QAL 1 certified non-intrusive particulate monitor series with single-side stack installation, for dust concentration measurements in combustion, incineration and other industrial stacks (Power, Cement & Metal Smelting Processes).
A full range of mercury analyzers for the most diverse applications: Process control, Ambient air, Health security, Continuous monitoring of flue gas emissions (CEMS), Gas Industry, Food & medical analysis, Research…
The dioxin sampler AMESA-D as well as the new AMESA-B for continuous monitoring of biogenic CO2 emissions or carbon-neutral stack CO2 gas that can be deductible from any company ‘s greenhouse gas inventory which is required for reporting under various regulations. It is applicable to waste-to-energy, electricity generation, coal co-firing, steel, cement and lime processes to quantify their biogenic CO2 emissions as CO2 neutral, for regulatory compliance: – cost savings for operator – CO2 emission trading – helps governments demonstrate green energy policy
The Stackflow 200 and Stackflow 400 flow meters that provide continuous flue gas VTP (velocity, temperature and pressure) measurement in order to meet regulatory requirements.
The regulatory reporting solution acquisition software. The WEX collects and processes environmental data for display, management and reporting purposes and has been designed to meet the requirements of EN14181 and MCERTs certified Environmental Data Management Software requirements for Environmental and Continuous Emissions Monitoring reporting systems. Compliant with international guidelines and standards, it eliminates the risk of excess emissions.


Don’t miss our Conferences:
Day2 (17th May 2018)
12:00-12:20 The impact of ever-decreasing emission limit values on process control, emission monitoring and calibration
Presenter: Ryan Goater, PCME, United Kingdom
16:00-16:20 Continuous monitoring of biogenic CO2 emissions – A tool for the determination of the portion of green energy
Presenter: Mr Juergen Reinmann, Environnement S.A Deutschland, Germany


The venue of the Conference has been decided on as Hotel Novotel Budapest City in Budapest, Hungary.

CEM Budapest 2018 is going to be a platform where a lot of essential items are going to be showcased. Some of these are about Monitoring, Measurement Technology, Mercury, Emission, Fugitive Emission, Emission Trading, Emission Monitoring and Predictive Emission Monitor Systems.

13th International Conference and Exhibition on Emissions Monitoring is organized biennially.

The organizer of the CEM Budapest 2018, 13th International Conference and Exhibition on Emissions Monitoring is ILM Exhibitions.

Read more: https://www.ilmexhibitions.com/cem/