Coal fired power plant – Humidity measurement during briquetting process

Our subsidiary SWR Engineering has launched the M-Sens 2 sensor for the continuous measurement of humidity on solids of all kinds. It can ideally be used, for example in container outlets, conveyor belts, conveyor screws, mixers and conveyor dryers...


An operator of a coal fired power plant uses brown coal for the firing and therefore the production of energy. In an other part of the plant brown coal is refined and processed to briquettes and coal dust. For the processing of brown coal into briquettes different process steps are necessary. After its delivery the coal is screened and refined. There after it is prepared for the briquetting process, which takes place in a rotary tube dryer.

For the control of the rotary tube dryer the detection of the moisture content of the coal during the process is necessary. The dryer‘s control should be done automatically, depending on the detected moisture value.


In the described application the moisture grade of the delivered brown coal is detected and monitored during transportation and processing of the material. The maximum humidity of the untreated brown coal is 52 %. After the drying process the humidity should be at 22 %. After the drying a chain conveyor transports the material to the briquetting process. The M-Sens 2 measures below the chain conveyor in direct contact with the material the humidity of the coal. The so detected humidity grade is directly used for the control of the process parameters of the dryer.

Customer benefit

• Moisture measurement during production process

• Avoidance of laboratory measurement, thereby process optimization

• Improvement of production process

• Energy saving…

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