In every aspect of its activities, Environnement S.A endeavors to promote and implement clean technologies in order to reduce its impact upon the environment.

Therefore, Environnement S.A has decided to integrate environmental issues into its daily work by adopting the global environmental management system ISO 14001.

Across all of our activities, we are committed to implement clean technologies and meet both regulation requirements and customers expectations.

Areas of improvement have been defined:

  • Optimize clients listening and improve their satisfaction,
  • Promote innovation and in particular eco-design products to meet environment requirements,
  • Enhance company profitability to ensure its sustainability,
  • Reduce and make reliable delivery and intervention timescales,
  • Control and reduce expenditures under warranty,
  • Reduce production costs in order to improve products competitiveness,
  • Limit environmental impacts, especially energy consumptions.
  • Managing health and safety risks for workers by prevention and improvement of training course.


This policy is really rooted in the strategic plan of Environnement S.A.

Environnement S.A’s ISO 14001 certification is delivered by company ECOPASS, member of ECOCERT group.

Download our ISO 14001 certificate


Download here Environnement S.A’s Quality, Safety, Environment Policy 

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