Establishment of the company, to develop atmospheric pollution measurement instruments;

1980 / 1984

Successive acquisitions of the Instrumentation and Industrial Analysis of Thomson / Saphymo and Sereg / Schlumberger;


Introduction of “Emissions” range of products for stack continuous emission monitoring;


Acquisition of «Analyse» Department of Seit CGE’s subsidiary and creation of “Water” Business Unit;


Creation of the Italian subsidiary;


Acquisition of Altech (Chicago, USA), a division of US Filter;


Acquisition of Cosma, specialized in gas analyzers for engine test benches;


Absorption of SFI, a joint subsidiary with Comex nuclear and development of Radio-nuclide monitoring stations (detecting any nuclear explosion);

2004 / 2005

Deployment in France of about a hundred continuous emission monitoring systems in compliance with the implementation of the european council directive 2000/76/EC on the incineration of Waste;


Public shares offered on the stock market, Euronext Alternext market;


Acquisition of ISEOa specialist in environmental IT systems and BECKER / AMESA, world leader in dioxin, mercury & heavy metals measurement;


Acquisition of a new 3000 m2 building, adjoining the corporate headquarters;


Establishment of two new subsidiaries: India and China;


Holding of Cairpol’s 50 % shares, a French high-tech company developing high precision miniature micro-sensors for air quality control


Acquisition of the “Industrial Instrumentation” branch of OTI Industry Company, a Specialist in industrial instrumentation, automation, control, valves, fittings and SCADA systems.


Acquisition of the company PCME Ltd, leading European supplier of continuous particulate monitors for emissions and industrial processes


Acquisition TDL Sensors Ltd high technology innovative company supplying laser based monitors for industrial applications ; it allows the enlarged group to offer worldwide, the most advanced and wide range of solutions to match present and future challenges in respect of process or regulatory environmental monitoring requirements for industries.


Acquisition of SWR Engineering Messtechnik GmbH specializing in solid and powder flow measurement, as well as the monitoring of moisture, velocity, dust and level in many industries and applications.


Over the years the company becomes stronger, thanks to a steady investment policy in Research & Development and to the well targeted acquisition strategy.

Environnement S.A was the first manufacturer in the world to develop microprocessor based pollution monitoring analyzers. Internal alarms checks, remote controls and digital processing of signals were true innovations that brought Environnement S.A analyzers ahead of the competition. The company has always been one step ahead by developing new type of analyzers, like its on-line BTEX monitor or its Beta Gauge suspended particulate analyzer (MP101M).

The Group offers new affordable and low maintenance possibilities. For instance, to easily control the high traffic areas in urban sites or for fence line detection around industrial sites by measuring main atmospheric pollutants: ozone, nitrogen dioxide, volatile organic compounds (COV)…

The Company manufactures also a wide range of analyzers and sampling systems for gas and dust emission monitoring as well as engine exhaust gas measurement systems.

Environnement S.A now employs over 500 persons in its headquarters in France and subsidiaries worldwide.