28/07/2013 - 02/08/2013

ICMGP 2013 – Mercury Exhibition


Join us on our booth - Nb. 11 - from 28th July to 2nd August in Edinburgh: you will mainly discover our innovation - the AMESA-M Sorbent Trap Mercury -Hg- Monitoring System that meets the US EPA Performances Standard 12 B mentioned in the US Portland Cement Rules and the new MATS (Mercury and Air Toxics Standards).

Our international specialist, Mr Jurgen Reinmann, will also will have a poster presentation.


“The science of mercury covers so many areas – industrial, medical, utility, academic, medical, agricultural, marine, dentistry, mining, waste, measurement, control, remediation. The delegates attending the 2013 ICMGP will be facing a new challenge – how to comply with and move forward under the new UNEP Global Legally Binding Instrument for Mercury Control. They will be looking for answers to specific problems such as how to quantify their emissions, how to evaluate the risk to their local communities and how to reduce emissions and effects in their local environments. And there are many companies and organisations out there that are knowledgeable enough to provide answers to these questions. The conference agenda will facilitate the maximum interaction between delegates and exhibitors in what is likely to be the largest ever exhibition of mercury-related expertise ever under one roof.” – http://www.mercury2013.com/index/