Paris Versailles Road Race 2014: congratulations to our team!

The 37th edition of the race Paris-Versailles ended Sunday with a victory for the 21 919 participants who took off from the Eiffel Tower in the direction of Versailles.

With its traditional departures waves Great Classic road race saw the thousands of people take this legendary route: 16 km linking the Eiffel Tower at the Chateau de Versailles. The sun bathed the flow of riders who first borrowed the Seine to Issy Les Moulineaux before Meudon and its famous coast guards, the main difficulty of the test. Then, it is crossing the forest Velizy then Chaville that toggles to Versailles via Viroflay. At Versailles, is the Avenue de Paris, one of the three channels that radiate range from the Place d’Armes, in front of the Palace of Versailles, which was the last effort for the thousands of runners.


Congratulations to the Environnement S.A racers team!