The historic headquarters of the ENVEA group (ex Environnement S.A), are located in Poissy nearly Paris, in buildings of more than 10,000 m² of offices, assembling and testing departments, as well as a research and development center and customer technical support.

Since its beginnings, the company has always designed and manufactured an advanced range of gas and particulate analyzers, micro-sensors and samplers, for both air quality analysis and stack emission control. The company has an extensive knowhow in the development of complete turn-key systems: mobile laboratories, monitoring networks, gas analysis cabinets, industrial installations, etc. These instruments help meet local and international regulatory requirements and environmental impact reduction objectives:

The Group includes a variety of companies that all proudly represent our shared beliefs and innovation values:

Partnering with the ENVEA Group ensures high value relations through proven solutions which meet regulatory compliance, improve environmental performance, control and assist in reducing costs:

  • Internationally Certified and Approved solutions for regulatory markets
  • Comprehensive experience of supplying turnkey solutions
  • Integrated systems to achieve regulatory compliance, with process control and optimisation benefits
  • Established worldwide service and support network through our exclusive distribution network of trained engineers and sales teams in over 70 countries

Our worldwide references guarantee a perfect understanding of your needs and ability to manage a vast range of applications:

  • More than 37,000 air quality monitors are measuring the pollution of cities worldwide: Rio de Janeiro, Istanbul, Barcelona, Saint Petersburg, Seoul, Mecca, Delhi, Moscow, Paris, Bombay, Tunis, Abu Dhabi, Bangkok, Beijing, Chongqing…
  • Over 28,500 emission sources and processes are monitored worldwide in all industries including waste incinerators, power generation plants, chemical & petrochemical industries, cement plants, glass manufacturing, metal factories, paper mills, engine manufacturers, etc.

In line with its development strategy and desire to unite its technologies, production sites & sales subsidiaries, the Group has created its global commercial brand envea™. It hopes to provide a clearer vision on its solutions of the measurement, acquisition & processing of environmental data and services. The Group has setup a new organization focused on its three core businesses: Process, Emissions and Ambient.

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