Environnement S.A offers analysers and turn-key monitoring systems for the measurement and assessment of human/business activities and their impact on ecosystems, particularly on air and water quality.


Attributable to its mastery in fine technologies for gas measurement, particulates quantification, water analysis or radionuclide trace monitoring, Environnement S.A is able to provide environmental monitoring tools which contribute to, and influence the application of governmental policies for the protection of the environment.


Environnement S.Aanalysers are designed to the latest quality standards, to comply with all international regulations present or pending. The Company has always been involved well upstream by contributing its expertise through a presence in national and international working groups (AFNOR, CEN, ISO) defining standards for the applicable laws. Our instruments and systems include many new developments and are designed to meet these regulatory requirements. They are officially certified and approved in many countries world-wide: France, United kingdom, Germany, USA, Italy, Korea, Romania, China, Russia, Brazil,…


Most of the products are internationally approved and certified:

  • NF Environnement in France
  • MCERTs in the UK
  • US EPA in the USA
  • TÜV in Germany
  • J-MOE in Japan,
  • KEMA in Korea
  • GOST in Russia
  • CNR in Italy…