ENVIRONNEMENT S.A is a state-of-the-art company in high technologies, specialized in instrumentation for continuous environmental monitoring. Created in 1978 to develop a whole range, prior non-existent, of gas and particles analysers to offer to the public authorities, industrialists, laboratories, research centres, to understand better and follow the phenomena of atmospheric pollution, the company became in a few decades a world leader in its heart of core-business:


  • Ambient air quality analyzing and monitoring, installation of networks in major cities around the world
  • Continuous emission monitoring in industrials facilities, incinerators and others
  • Engine gas monitoring, with turnkey multigas cabinet for research centres and automotive manufacturers
  • Radionuclide monitoring with on-site installation to detect possible nuclear explosions


The company’s growth has been carried out without interruption, first, thanks to an ultra competent team based on a multidisciplinary R & D centre, this one being highly specialized in spectroscopy and optical detection methods, then, to a strategy of external acquisitions of complementary technologies (Thomson departments, Schlumberger, Vinci Energies, Becker Messtechnik Germany, and U.S. Filter in the United States …).


The group success in France and over 80 countries, through a network of subsidiaries and exclusive agents, relies on a policy of continuous innovation, international business strategy and a strong priority for customer satisfaction. A new range of innovative services including environmental measurement with the supply of measurement systems and long term global maintenance contract – has already retained attention in different markets,France and India for example. The latest developments in particle measurement and the release of some new analyzers far ahead, consolidate even more the image of the company.


From all the team of ENVIRONNEMENT S.A, I thank you for your interest in our company and hope you will join us in our vision of a protected environment.


The future is measured today

François GOURDON
President and Founder