As technological leader of the continuous measurement of the environment, Environnement S.A designs and manufactures gas analyzers and dust using the most advanced optical technologies. The expertise of Environnement S.A is especially valued when it comes to the realization of complete systems, customized and turnkey mobile laboratories, air quality monitoring networks, industrial emission monitoring systems, engine exhaust gas analysis systems ….

A tradition of inovation  

Even if the small company founded over 30 years has become an international company, Environnement S.A remains faithful to the principles on which it was founded – innovation and quality of its products that set new standards. Environnement S.A’s remarkable story shows its vision, determination and the quality reputation it has earned. Since its inception, the Company has continued to develop high quality products – many of them were «firsts» in the industry.

Today, this tradition of innovation continues, allowing us to offer the widest and the most homogeneous range of products on the market.

Ambient air market:

For the understanding and prevention of atmospheric pollution, to identify its origins and protect both health and the environment, air quality monitoring is an essential tool for the environmental policies of communities, major public or private companies, national authorities and international organisations. From the simple analyser to the operational turnkey system (mobile laboratory or complete network), Environnement S.A offers complete solutions that cover most measurement requirements.




Emission market:

Industrial plants need to measure emissions into the atmosphere with equipment operating continuously, under difficult environmental conditions. From sampling to data processing, environnement s.A offers a full range of particles and gas continuous measuring instruments that are needed to confirm that the plant meets performance standards and regulatory requirements, by limiting pollution emission into the atmosphere.





Engine market:


For more than 25 years, Environnement S.A has been developing new systems for the measurement of exhaust gas emission, for engine manufacturers in the automotive, aviation, marine and rail transport sectors, defining new standards in a sector in which pollution emission limits are continually being lowered.





Radio-nuclides market :


Within the context of the Atomic Weapons Non-proliferation Treaty, Environnement S.A is participating to the development of a world-wide network of stations continuously measuring radio-nuclide and noble gas. This network is operational at various points on the planet, and detects any nuclear explosion, clearly demonstrating our Company’s unique expertise.





Water market :


Environnement S.A is currently focused on a target market (drinking water treatment plants). Our product range will be diversified to coincide with the implementation of the forthcoming regulations.