Privacy Policy – GDPR Regulation

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is applicable starting 25th May 2018 in all European Union countries. This regulation controls the personal data processing and their confidentiality respect by companies within the European Union. The envea™ (Environnement S.A Group) makes […]

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is applicable starting 25th May 2018 in all European Union countries. This regulation controls the personal data processing and their confidentiality respect by companies within the European Union.

The envea™ (Environnement S.A Group) makes sure it offers its users a safe environment. Thus, our company’s policies for protecting users’ data have always complied with the highest European law requirements. Today, in order to fully comply with the GDPR, we consequently adjust our privacy policy.

You can read our privacy policy here below to know how we use your personal data and what your rights are. Rest assured that, as in the past, we will always process your data with the greatest care.

The Environnement S.A Group internet site does not use cookies; the data provided during your voluntary registration on our website are always displayed upon each connection and are modifiable as you desire.

Privacy Policy

envea™ (Environnement SA Group) commits itself, as part of its activities and in accordance with the law in force in France and Europe, that ensures the protection, confidentiality and security of the personal user data of its sites internet, as well as respecting their privacy.

This Privacy Policy informs the way envea™ (Environnement S.A Group), its subcontractors and potential partners process your personal data.

This Policy applies especially to customers and prospects, users of offers and services, as well as visitors of Environnement S.A Group web sites, Environnement S.A Deutschland, Environnement Italia, iséo, Cairpol, SWR engineering.

It is likely to be modified.

Why your data is processed by envea ™ (Environnement S.A Group)

envea™ (Environnement S.A Group) ensures beforehand of its legitimate interest in carrying out the processing:

1 – As part of sales and service contract execution, the aims pursued are as follows:

  • Manage client or user identity and authenticate it
  • Manage orders
  • Manage equipment
  • Bill and cash payments
  • Ensure pre-sale and sale services
  • Ensure Customer Service
  • Manage the personal data, characteristics and rights of a contract
  • Process contract terminations
  • Deal with claims
  • Communicate as customer management
  • Manage incoming mails
  • Recover unpaid bills
  • Manage litigation
  • Manage requests related to concerned people rights
  • Store the customer or user data
  • Offer authentication services

Your data is saved for the necessary duration needed to fulfil the functions mentioned above. For the processing related to contract execution, the data may be stored for up to three years once the transaction is over.

2 – In other fields than the execution of sales or service contracts, the aims pursued are as follows:

  • Arrange direct marketing operations
  • Arrange commercial animations
  • Analyze the offer and services uses to make proposals to the client
  • Survey customers or users
  • Improve offers and customer relationships
  • Rollout and operate offers and services
  • Fight against fraud

The data is stored for the time necessary to fulfil the aims indicated above.

3 – envea™ (Environnement S.A Group) also processes data to meet its legal or regulatory obligations.

For this purpose, the aims pursued are as follows:

  • Keep the required data in order to be able to meet the legal obligations
  • Manage requests for data communication from authorized authorities

The data can be kept as long as necessary to fulfil the legal obligations.

What is the data processed?

Depending on the case, envea ™ (Environnement S.A Group) processes your personal data, directly collected from you or resulting from the product or service use. envea™ (Environnement S.A Group) may also be the recipient of data collected from you by a third party.

envea™ (Environnement S.A Group) processes a data or a data category only if it is strictly necessary for the aim pursued. You can find information about these aims above.

envea™ (Environnement S.A Group) processes the following data categories:

  • Identification data: Surname, name, identifier, VAT registration number, SIREN …
  • Personal characteristics: birth date, nationality …
  • Contact data: mailing address, email, phone number …
  • Personal life: centers of interest, wedding status, number of children…
  • Economic data: history of sales orders, history of supplier purchases,
  • Financial data: GNI, means of payment, payment history …
  • Data of connection, service use and interaction: connection and use logs
  • Intervention report…
  • Products and services owned and/or used, technician intervention report on sites,
  • Content data: files stored on the cloud, mailbox …
  • Geolocation data

Who are the data recipients?

The data collected is intended for the internal services of envea™ (Environnement S.A Group) and its subcontractors duly authorized by envea™ (Environnement S.A Group).

The data can also be processed by envea™ (Environnement S.A Group) partners involved in service providing. They may also be the processing you are asked to consent to.

Is the data processed outside the EU?

The collected data is not generally processed outside the European Union.

If some collected data was likely to be processed outside the European Union, envea™ (Environnement SA Group) will make the necessary arrangements with its subcontractors and partners to ensure an adequate protection level of your data and in full compliance with the applicable regulations.

What are your rights?

You have a right to access, rectify and/or delete your data. You can request the portability of these data. You also have the right to oppose or request the limitation of processing.

How to exercise your rights?

You can exercise your rights at any time by writing an email or a postal mail to the following addresses:


envea™ (Groupe Environnement S.A) – 111, boulevard Robespierre – 78300 Poissy

How your data is secured?

envea™ (Environnement S.A Group) ensures that your data is processed securely and confidentially, including operations performed by subcontractors. For this purpose the appropriate technical and organizational measures to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration and deletion of your personal data are put in place.

Modification of the Data Protection Policy

This Privacy Policy may be modified.

Last update on 25/05/2018