O342M. Ozone analyzer

ISO 13964 and EN 14625 compliance, TÜV and US-EPA certified

  • Provides accurate O3 low level monitoring measurements in the range of 0-10 ppm
  • Ultra compact and lightweight – rackable 19"/3U
  • UV absorption technology
  • SMD enhanced electronics
  • Compliance with ISO 13964 and EN 14625
  • NEW: Built-in serial interface (RS 232 / RS 422), USB & TCP/IP connectivity
  • NEW: on board web server compatible with any internet browser. es@cloud™ user interface with on-line help for the display, configuration, maintenance, diagnostics or software updating of the analyser, remotely, from any PC, tablet or iPhoneTM.



For more information on this product, contact us : info@environnement-sa.com
Exclusive features

  • Ozone Ambient air monitoring

  • Indoor air monitoring

  • Mobile laboratory

  • Laboratory and field studies on the effects of ozone