WEX – CEMS and Process Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition software

Data sources: emission, imission, meteorological, water and process

WEX is a powerful software dedicated to emissions and process monitoring systems:

• Acquisition data from all type of monitoring instruments;

• Interactive configuration of measuring devices (DAS / data acquisition systems, analysers, communication systems);

• Traceability of all events and technical information;

• Data control and Quality Assurance (QAL 2 and QAL3 according to EN 14181)

• Events warnings (failures, alarms, pollution episodes, etc.);

• Data processing with dedicated tools for data storage, reports, and broadcasting;

• Direct connection with additional modules:

  • CMMS for maintenance management
  • Control charts
  • Modelling and simulation of emission impact
  • Web access for data access and display

Technical documentation

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Exclusive features

  • Waste incineration

  • Combustion plants

  • Cement plants

  • Paper Mills

  • Petrochemical industries & refineries

  • Glass works

  • ...

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