HOFI BOX – Stack Gas Sampling System

Hot extractive Stack gas sampling system. The HOFI BOX offers an exclusive sampling system dedicated to heated analyzers ( e.g. MIR FT, MIR 9000H, Graphite 52M, Topaze 32M... ).

  • Sampling probe equipped with double stage particulate filtration
  • Heated filter
  • Direct injection of span and zero gas at the sampling point
  • Automatic blowback for reduced maintenance
  • Sample transfer up to 50m (clean & wet sample) by 140-180°C heated line
  • Large selection of probes available depending on the process conditions (stack diameter, gas temperature, water content, particulates concentration)
  • Automatic backflush function
  • Heated probe with choice of materials and lengths to suit the application

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For more information on this product, contact us : info@environnement-sa.com
Exclusive features

  • Municipal waste incinerators

  • Hazardous waste incinerators

  • Combustion plants

  • Petrochemical industries

  • Cement plants

  • Glass plants

  • Paper mills

  • .....