STACKFLOW 200 – QAL1 certified Averaging Pitot flowmeter

The STACKFLOW 200 uses the wellestablished Averaging Pitot sensor technology to provide continuous emission monitoring of Flow, Temperature and Pressure. Utilised as a standalone sensor or in combination with Environnement S.A & PCME analyzers and controllers for the monitoring of particulates, gases and flue gas as part of a larger monitoring network

  • Fitted on single point installation, making on-site work easier for setup & maintenance
  • Automatic inlet cleaning cycle for reduced maintenance
  • Optional inbuilt gas sampling port allows cost-effective CEMS
  • Integration on a single sampling point
  • Integrated flange for enhanced stack connection compatibility and reduced installation time & costs
  • Standalone sensor or combined with single/multi-channel controllers for enhanced user interface
  • Modular design (3 rod lengths available as standard) makes it very easy to install on any type of stack, even on existing flanges
  • Certified by TÜV to EN 15267-3 with QAL1 as defined by EN 14181
  • Complies with EN 16911-2 and is US EPA PS-6 capable
  • Zero and span checks to satisfy EN 14181, QAL3 and US EPA PS-6
  • Installation possible on the same flange with the gas sampling system SECTM BOX that uses an exclusive dry permeation technique, designed to meet almost all gas sample conditions.

Datasheet Stackflow 200

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Exclusive features

  • Waste to Energy and Incineration Plants

  • Emissions from Metal, Chemical and Mineral Processing Industries

  • Power and Combustion Plants

  • Variable speed fans on dust arrestment plant

  • Satisfies European Industrial Emission Directive 2010/75/EU and US EPA PS-6