QAL 181 – TÜV and MCERTS approved Particulate Continuous Emission Monitor

The QAL 181 dust analyzer is suitable for measuring particle emissions after both bagfilter and electrostatic precipitator arrestment plant. The monitor is suitable for measuring both low (0.1mg/m3) and high particulate concentration levels (300mg/m3). TÜV and MCERTS certified

Using tough high-grade components and enclosures, and designed to overcome problems encountered with alternative light scatter technologies, the QAL 181 particulate monitor offers outstanding reliability:

  • No optical fibres, which are prone to degradation in elevated temperatures
  • No moving active measurement parts, ensuring sensing components remain correctly aligned. Alternative technologies require movement of the position-critical detectors for the performance of self checks. The PCME QAL 181 avoids this by introducing a diffuser into the light path, which gives the additional benefit of a true check of the instruments ability to measure scattered light, rather than just attenuated light

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Exclusive features

The QAL181 dust monitor has reduced sensitivity to changing particle type and is unaffected by changes in velocity. From a regulatory perspective its high quality assurance features (MCERTS and TUV approved) makes it suitable as a compliance device. Typical application areas include Cement Kilns, Boiler Plant (including Coal Fired plant with FGD and high temperature Biomass boilers) and Waste Incineration Plant.

The QAL 181 is offered with two different probe lengths:

• The standard probe provides high quality measurement for many incineration, cement, and steel, and variable fan speed bagfilter applications.

• For applications with thick stack walls, long flange stand-offs and large stack diameters (for example power plant and main stack applications),

the long probe length ensures the measurement volume is further into the stack. Both probes are provided with a stack penetration length adjustment mechanism.

• For refineries and other Ex gas zone applications, the Ex version of the standard sensor holds ATEX/IECEx 3G/2D certification.