2011 : Long-Term Sampling – A Method for Continuous Emission Monitoring of Dioxins/Furans and Mercury


2010 : Results and Interpretation of the US/ETV Validation Test of PCDD/F Long-Term Monitoring Systems

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2009 : Long term monitoring of PCDD/PCDF – concepts and case studies from Europe

2008 : Temperature range for continuous monitoring of unintentionally produced POP’s (PCDD/Fs, PCBs, HCB) using AMESA® – long term sampling system


2008 : Validation Tests for PCDD/F Long-Term Monitoring Systems: Short Comings of Short Term Sampling and Other Lessons Learned


2007 : Comparison of the performance of long-term automated sampling method of AMESA and those of JIS-TYPE I and TYPE III manual sampling methods for dioxins in flue gas


2006 : Continuous Monitoring of Unintentionally Formed POPs Listed Under the Stockholm Convention (PCDDs/PCDFs, PCBs, HCB) Using AMESA® Long Term Sampling System


2004 : Cost analysis of automated long-term sampling in comparison to existing application modes of manual short-term sampling


2004 : European Experiences in Continuous Dioxin Monitoring by using of AMESA – the Long Term Sampling System for Dioxins and other POP’s


2003 : Short-term and long-term Dioxin sampling and analysis at a MSW incinerator in Taiwan


2003 : Validation and optimisation of continuous sampling to monitor PCDDs and PDDFs emissions of waste incinerators


2002 : Results of one Year Continuous Monitoring of the PCDD/PCDF Emissions of Waste Incinerators in the Walloon Region of Belgium with AMESA


2001 : New Results and Features of the Continuous Dioxin/Furan Monitoring System AMESA (Dioxin Symposium, Gyeongju, South Korea)


2000 : Continuous Monitoring of the Dioxin/Furan Emission of all Waste Incinerators in Belgium (Dioxin Symposium, Monterey, USA)


1999 : Long-Term Monitoring if Dioxin Emissions of a Hazardous Waste Incinerator during Lowered Incineration Temperature (Dioxin Symposium, Venice, Italy)


1998 : Underestimation in dioxin emission inventories (Dioxin Symposium, Stockholm, Sweden)