Russia: 2 new incinerators will use Environnement S.A pollution monitoring systems

MIR-IS is the unique AMS on CEMS market offering a multi gas accurate analysis solution (Up to 10 gases including HCl & HF + O2 as an option) integrating optionally flue gas temperature, flow and pressure measurements on a single sampling probe, means a single sampling point.

For monitoring their stack emissions, 2 Russian incinerators have naturally selected the MIR IS system, already highly appreciated by numerous industries:


Kizner incinerator:

- 3 MIR-IS systems for the continuous and simultaneous monitoring of SO2, CO, NO and NO2

Saratov incinerator:

- 1 MIR-IS for the measurement of HCl, SO2, CO, NO, CO2 et O2.


Developed specifically for CEMS and process online monitoring the MIR-IS in-situ multi-gas CEM analyzer is a compact short-extractive system based on our well-known MIR-9000 analyzer. Providing high performance sensitivity and accurate measurements on a large number of gas parameters (as HCl & HF), the MIR IS offers very fast response time (less than 40 milliseconds). It uses the Infra-Red Gas Filter Correlation principle, a well-established method to reduce cross interferences between compounds, and therefore providing measures with a high accuracy.


The MIR IS uses a 16-position rotating correlation wheel with on-board interferential gas filters, allowing multiple simultaneous parameters measurement. Optical bench includes a low volume gas cell with a 12 m optical path length and incorporates aspheric and aberration correcting mirrors. A built-in paramagnetic sensor can be optionally added for oxygen measurement as well as the flue gas temperature, flow and pressure measurements.