South Korea buys Made in France pollution monitors

MIR 9000_multi_gas_pollutant_monitor

We congratulate our South Korean exclusive distributor KENVITECH Inc. for wining several tenders for multigas monitoring systems:

  • One multi-gas MIR 9000, in rack version, for the continuous emissions measurement of HCl, SO2, NO, NO2, CO and CO2. The pollution monitor will be stack mounted in YANG JU SGE incinerator.
  • 3 multi-gas MIR 9000, for real-time gas monitoring of CO, NO and HCl. The 3 systems will be installed in DAEGU CITY and will be used for process measurements. In parallel, an additional MIR 9000, for the simultaneous measurement of pollutants such as HCl, SO2, NO, NO2, CO and CO2 will be employed to continuously monitor the incinerator’s emissions.

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